Automotive photography is relatively new to me but it is something that I am growing increasigly fond of due to the technical nature of both the shooting and the editing of the cars.

The lighting and the reflections play such an important part in the process of capturing the images. How an unwanted fall of light on the surface of the car can change the dynamics of the shape and how unoticed reflections can corrupt a shoot and cause extra time in the editing stage.

As with any other form of photography planning is key and I am finding that the background I have gained in the studio (lighting), on location (landscape), and my photoshop experience is coming together moreso when shooting the cars.

I may be over technicalising (if that's even a word) the process but it's these factors that are enthusing me to shoot more and see what I can produce.

So why did I include this on the website?      'Because, there will be more...' :)